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Traditions are a part of any great university. They are established organically and evolve over time. Traditions are events which link the current students to those from years past. New Mexico State University is like other universities in this aspect. Some of these traditions are relatively young and others have been around for decades.


 First Year Walk

During the opening week of the fall semester, first year Aggies are invited to attend the First Year Walk. Starting at the Pan American Center, students walk through Miller Gate and end up at the location of McFee Hall. Students are met there by the NMSU Chancellor and welcomed to the Aggie family.

 Birthday Bash

Each year on September 17th, we celebrate NMSU’s birthday. A celebration is held in Corbett Center to recognize our institution and how it has grown….

 Crimson Climb

Crimson climb is a new tradition to NMSU! The purpose of the event is to learn the history behind how A mountain came to be and how it is part of being an Aggie and a fun time for students to go out with their peers and hike.

 Burning of the Lobo

The University of New Mexico Lobos are the Aggies in-state rivals. As part of buildup to the annual Aggie-Lobo football game, the Burning of the Lobo which is sponsored by ASNMSU is held in the parking lot next to the Pan American Center.


 Keep State Great

Keep State Great is an annual community service celebration that takes place in the fall before the week of Homecoming. Students, alumni, faculty and staff commit their time to beautify the NMSU Campus. Projects include, cleaning, painting, and picking up trash on the NMSU campus. Keep State Great is a time to celebrate what being an Aggie is about.


A New Mexico State University tradition since 1926, Homecoming is a great opportunity for Aggies of all ages to reconnect with the university and their Aggie Pride. Homecoming is a full week long and includes many events like the student bonfire, car smash, scholarship receptions, door decorating contests, and culminates with the homecoming football game.

 Painting the “A”

The 300-foot tall, 80-foot wide “A” atop “A” Mountain is a true symbol of New Mexico State University and gives both students and alumni a sense of pride as they gaze at the mountains set east of the campus. A tradition since 1920, the Greeks currently have taken up the charge to maintain the NMSU landmark.


 Big Event

The Big Event, an off-campus community service project hosted by ASNMSU where students provide volunteer services to the City of Las Cruces and surrounding areas. This is our way of saying “Thank you” to our community through service- oriented activities,

 Aggie Memorial

Held in the spring semester, the Aggie community takes time to remember students, employees and alumni who have died in the past year and is open to the public.

The event is held at the Spiritual Center; located on NMSU’s International Mall, west of the Educational Services Building and the Pan American Center, near the university’s duck pond. click here.

 Last Lecture

The Last Lecture is part of the graduation festivities. A NMSU (?) professor is invited to give students who will graduate that semester a special lecture on a topic of their choice.

 Senior Walk

Just as the First Year Walk begins a chapter of your life as an Aggie, the Senior Walk marks an end to that chapter. Beginning at the location of McFee Hall on the horseshoe, students on their way to graduation walk back through the Miller Gate and end up at the Pan American Center.