Aggie Emergency Funding Request

New Mexico State University is committed to student success and understands that sometimes-financial hardships and/or food or housing challenges can create a barrier to academic success. Student Assistance Services, a part of the Department of Student Life, exists to connect NMSU students with resources and support to assist in the continuation of their education.


The purpose of this form is to collect information about a students’ specific situation so that staff in the Office of Student Assistance Services can work with them to seek out funding or resources that can assist them  to continue their education at NMSU.


If you are a student in need OR if you would like to refer a student to Student Assistance Services please complete the questions below. A staff member will contact you or the student identified to follow-up regarding assistance opportunities.


NOTE: In order to be eligible for funding assistance, students must be in good standing with the University, have a minimum 2.0 CUM GPA and No Active Conduct Sanctions.