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Message From the Dean


Dear future Aggies,

You are about to embark on an amazing journey. One that will exceed your high school experience. Orientation is the first step of many you will take on this expedition. Don’t look at orientation as an obligation but rather an opportunity. The two days you spend on campus will give a chance to explore your future community. Aggie Welcome and Orientation is built with you in mind. If you allow yourself to relax and enjoy the program, you will leave with a great deal of knowledge and excitement about this next chapter in your life. There are a few things I hope you gain from your experience.

First, get familiar with campus. Throughout the two days you will see different parts of the campus. You will see the buildings around the Horseshoe and up International-Mall to the Corbett Student Union. You will see what our classrooms, advising center, computer labs and social areas look like. Take the opportunity to become familiar with these space. Maybe even scout out your future napping place for those times between classes.

Second, meet people. You will be assigned to an Orientation Leader who will guide you through this adventure. Take the time to get to know your leader. They can be your greatest connection to information about campus, student life, classes and off-campus events. Also, meet other future Aggies attending AWO. Try to meet five other people you want to stay connected to after your orientation. Get to know these people, collect emails, and phone numbers. The people you meet at orientation just may become your best friend for life. They will become the ones that support you when you don’t do so well on an exam and the ones who encourage you to study with them. They will be ones you make memories with which you will recall years from now.

Third, discover the right major for you. Your major needs to be something you enjoy studying and aligns with your strengths. If you are unsure of the major to choose, that is okay. Allow yourself to explore areas which peak your interest. Talk to your academic advisor about your academic strengths and curiosities. Your exploration will lead you to the right destination. The right major is out there.

We have a lot planned for you during these two days. You will be given more information you can take in at one time. You will see and visit with more people than you will remember. You will be tired by the end of the second day. All this is okay. Take in what you can, visit with people, and take a moment to relax. NMSU will be here when you return in the fall. We will answer your questions and assist you throughout your journey. Remember, orientation is the first step of a long, exciting journey. I simply ask that you take that first step with an open mind.


Go Aggies,

Michael D. Jasek

Dean of Students